that light in your eyes

This weekend, rather this Sunday, was exactly what I needed. Sunday I got up, did some yoga and had a shower. I had the biggest breakfast of all time (bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips… of course with maple syrup… lots of it I might add) and prepared myself to go ice fishing again for the second time since being here.

This time, as we pulled off the road and onto the beaten path, the twilight over the hills was just stunning. It was so blue it almost hurt your eyes, mesmerizing even. It’s funny how being in the dark can make you appreciate even the faintest glow of light. This made me reflect on the bad week I was having and realize that even in the darkest places in a persons soul there is still a bit of light. I found this Albert Schweitzman quote:

“Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being”

I really found truth in this statement when I spent Sunday afternoon with my favorite people sharing laughs, star gazing and running around with sparklers into the darkness. People are truly the spirit here and certainly this Sunday raised my morale enough that my cheeks hurt from smiling.

I saw a shooting star that afternoon and amazingly enough was able to capture it on my camera. As for my wish? I didn’t bother. My only wish last week was to find internal happiness again and there I did, in the dark, watching the light slowly make its way into my life again, one shade of blue at a time.


  1. Awesome photos Kristy!
    J. Chartier

  2. Ah thats the Kristy I've been waiting to hear from. See there is always beauty and beautiful people that make the light within us glow. The darkness of everything cannot combat the bright lights that shine thru. Say thank you to your friends from me also. Love DAD

  3. Best blog post so far Kristy.

    Love Chris

  4. This is the loveliest post. I am so glad that morale was up, it sounds like you really are making the most of every moment and I am so impressed by your constant positivity. Also - how ridiculously cool that you actually captured a shooting star? That might be the most awesome thing ever, just sayin.

    A box will be leaving ottawa tomorrow with your name on it - so keep your eyes peeled!


  5. Hey babes, I was glad to hear your voice even for a few moments tonight. Your pictures are beautiful and it so nice to get to share some of your more precious moments again. Sounds like you guys reverted back to your childhood days (sparklers, I mean) The blues are amazing. Did your camera do them justice? Nanny will be coming home soon, I know she is missing looking at your site. But she can catch. Keep up the good spirits. Remember if it weren't for those bad days your good days feel even more super duper fantastic. Love always Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. Hi my name is Clayton, Cool pictureof the shooting star. I wanted to know what you wished for and your mom let me read the paragragh.
    Thanks for sharing Age 12


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