A quick hello

 'nuff said


  1. Gag! You're too freaking adorable!

  2. Hey, glad to see your doing well there!

  3. And now we miss you even more.
    Love Chris

  4. Cool! I can honestly say I miss that place immensely! It grows into your soul...enjoy it and absorb it all, it ends too soon! (But still come back soon too, after all, you are clearly missed by many!)

  5. start a fight with a bear and punch him in the face. make sure you win though. afterwards shake his hand (paw) and tell him what an honor it was to do battle with such a fierce warrior. bears are gentlement, i'm sure they'd oblige.

  6. You are awesome! know that we miss you to.
    J. Chartier

  7. 20 hour days. You are a machine! :-)

  8. pretty lady we miss you so much. love mom
    you look awesome xoxoxoxoxo

  9. Yaaaaaa I got to see my pretty girl. Well I must be some lucky man to be surrounded by so many beutiful women in my life. The best part is that the beauty is not just skin deep on any of them. Love the shy/cute look they will never suspect that you really have a fierce side that is just a big as your soft side. Love DAD XOXOXOXOXOXOXXO PS You must get the good looks from me Ha Ha!

  10. Hello! (from the Netherlands :))
    I found your blog via "Anya Adores", she tells about yours'. Wow, I go to follow your blog about your visit to the north!
    I wish a were you... I want your job!! It seems to me so cool, so beautiful to be there!! Wish you all the best there!!
    With love, Herma

  11. Hi!! again :))
    ThanX for your comment on my blog!!
    Today I was looking on the blog: "AnyaAdores.blogspot.com".. but I could not found back first. But now I know how I come to yours! Listen!!;)) On her blog I see photos from very nice dresses.. nice photos and I clicked on "via here" beneath these photos. And then I came on the blog of "LOTSIXTYFIvE.COM" and SHE (!!) tells about YOUR blog!!! ( I read also that she is a girlfriend of you!!)
    So.. I've found!! (sorry for my English.. it's not so good but I hope you understand!)
    With lots of love, from a cold Holland.. but not so cold as it will be at yours ;)) Good luck!! Herma

  12. Hi Kristy! You are so sweet and it's good to see you and hear your voice. Keep up the good work! I still can't believe someone as cute as you and so soft spoken is in the military!


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