Solar Storm

Well this week so far has been interesting. As I'm sure many of you know, there was a solar flare on Sunday at approx 2300hrs which has been causing the largest solar storm since 2005. What you may or may not know though, is Space Weather is part of my job and since I have received several emails about the Solar Storms I thought I would elaborate a bit further!

The solar flare was an M-9 eruption which is only one stage below the most powerful type which is an X-class flare. As a result of this flare, the earth is being bombarded by three waves of solar storms from the sun. The first, Earth was being hit by electromagnetic radiation, next was a flood of protons and, finally, a coronal mass ejection (CME). The CME struck the Earth’s magnetic field at approximately 1000EST.

Something you may or may not know about Alert is we are actually too far North to witness any of the Auroras. The only effects of the solar storm we received were several communication outages, our polar-travelling planes being unable to contact different countries HF comms and chatter from thousands of miles away on our air to ground radio frequencies.

The charts above show the observed (o) and forecasted  (f) impact on different operations. Today, January 25, 2012 there were 1272 potentially hazardous asteroids forecasted to be hurtling towards earth. It has been interesting to see exactly how much the Sun impacts us (even when we can't see it!) and has definitely been an exciting week in the world of space!

34 days until the sun rises... Not that anyone is counting or anything!


  1. Ack! Space weather! Where is my foil cap???
    Rich...for now...

  2. I was not aware that you could not see Northern lights there. We couldn't in Iqaluit, either, but that's because it's been cloudy. :(

  3. So this is what I missed on the weather brief yesterday!

  4. I learned something today!

    Damn shame you can't see the Aurora Borealis, they are a magnificent sight. When watching them you almost expect to hear sound..it's kind of weird actually.

    34 days and counting.

    Love Chris

  5. Ok Ok Ok you got me with all this science sun stuff. I know it will only take time before you become technically/mechanically deprived seeing as though you have the scientific therory down path. Can't wait for you to get your hands dirty with me and become my garage girl. One can only dream that all these tools will not go to waste. Think I'm going to have to get artsty fartsy if I want to intice you into the garage. Very interesting stuff and it was almost light today on my way to work. Can't wait to see you or summer. Love Dad

  6. ummmm....the picture is beautiful! Can't wait for the coffee table book of your adventures! HUGS! Lots of love, Cow-Town Gang xoxoxo.....

  7. Yes i hope some day you toss a magazine together it sure would be interesting. ou went way over my head with that report. Bring it down to my level. I am just a jewery maker and painter. You sure are learning alot though. I hope this week goes by for you quickly and you get some surptises in the mail. Try and get your beauty sleep and I know in that department you don't need much but do try and get rested. Almost Feb. can't beleive you have been up there 7 weeks. I am so glad time is drifting by quickly for you too. Love the photo. Keep up your positive spirit. Loads of love to you my sweet darling. Big hugs to you. Love Mom xoxoxoxoxoxox

  8. You are so smart



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