shades of blue

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The sun is about 8 degrees below the horizon right now so on clear days you can really see the sky illuminate for a few hours. I don't really have much to say today, just finished a 12 hour plane day and am curled up with a hot chocolate with marshmallows. About ready to go to sleep for the afternoon so here's a hot chocolate-y cheers to the light slowly making it's way back to Alert. x



I drove up to the Met shack to see a stunning, yet frightening sight. There were eight wolves outside and I was in my truck waiting to be able to get inside the building. If there was one thing that was for sure, I was not going outside with one wolf - let alone eight wolves roaming around! So I sat and I waited. 

They ran around the truck a few times while I sat there and watched. They were playing, rolling around in the snow and "marking their territory". This kind of made me feel weird because does this now mean I'm part of the territory or am I invading? Either way, I don't like it. They starting fighting and nipping at each other and once glimpse of the teeth was enough to remind me to stay put. A giant ball of fur that weighs roughly the same as me with razor sharp teeth and large claws + its gang of seven? Not happening. 

I honked my horn, I howled at them, I used an air horn but it was all to waste. They roamed as they pleased and finally took off after about 15 minutes. I ran as fast as I could inside the building and then, as I'm sure they could sense my fear, they came back, sat outside my window and looked at me as I typed away at my email. 

They are much more beautiful from inside. I really like the "Zoo" approach where you won't be attacked or be the next meal and you can observe from the safety and warmth of the office. The last is a picture of why I'm still scared, not so cute now, hey? Yikes!

Until next time, here is something that inspired me this morning.

5 simple steps to happiness: 
Free your heart from hatred
Free your mind from worries
Live simply
Give more 
Expect less