one more sleep

Veiled by a thick layer of ice crystals, this last week disappeared into an icy haze. All the days were a strange shade of blue so bright you couldn’t even tell where the land and sky met. It was as if you were looking at a film negative, everything just blended into one, as did the days.

This past week was a busy one for me. Due to delays in flights, I ended up working a full day and ended up pretty wiped for the rest of the week and feeling a little under the weather. So for the entire weekend I slept and read books in my room, it was nice to just relax and not do anything. I really need to schedule more of these days for myself.

With the increasingly strong winds (20 knots sustained) this weekend, the overcast layer of cirrus clouds pushed out of Alert and made way for the blowing snow to strip away from the landscape and reveal its frozen gravel and rocky skeleton beneath the ice. It was definitely a bit of an adventure trying to take these photos as I had to run into the wind and could only remain outside for short periods of time without dashing back into the truck. With the wind-chill it was roughly -50.

Tomorrow, is the official sunrise therefore these are my final Sunday adventure photos that will only include the twilight. It truly is so exciting. You can only fully appreciate the light until you have gone without it for almost 3 months. I can honestly say I have never been as excited to see the sun crest the mountains and feel the warmth on my face. I really wish I was able to share this moment with those who mean the most to me, however you can bank on pictures! x