Alert Boxtop 2012

Over the past week and a half I think I have seen more planes arrive and depart in Alert (CYLT) than that of my whole tour. Each day, planes have been flying back and forth between Thule (Greenland) and YLT to help with our fuel resupply mission. There are two Boxtops in Alert, one in April and one in September. Thankfully, I will only have to deal with one of the two.

So far, we've had some pretty bad weather, but I used my super powers to make it go away. In all seriousness though over the past few weeks, as the temperatures rise, they bring with the seasonal change from winter into spring. We've had some pretty foggy days dropping the visibility to 0 statue miles and causing a nice lull in the continuous flight schedule. A well deserved break from mother nature.

Some of the images above were taken by the visiting photo tech on station but they truly capture the essence of the mission at hand. The first, I shot myself. This is a photo of a Hercules C130J model sitting on spot one. This photo, believe it or not was taken at three o'clock in the morning! The sun slowly circling the entire sky is definitely a unique experience indeed. I guess it was day time in Australia at that point - kind of cool!  The image I think that captures "Alert" the best is the second last photograph where the Herc is landing on our runway. The snow blowing up around the body of the aircraft is definitely an amazing sight to see. The fact that we live here is amazing enough as is.

I've been so busy I forgot to even update people to let people know I'm still alive and well. Things are going good and only a few more days left until Boxtop is over and the normal routine sets in again. Thank you everyone who has donated to Relay for Life! I can hardly contain my excitement over the success of it all. Thank you so much!

Until next time! x