This blog was an online journal of my 6.5 months spent deployed and living at the most northern permanently inhabited settlement in the world at 82°28' N, 62°30' W. North of 60 was chosen because the URL for nof80 at the time was taken (boo) and also symbolizes the Arctic Circle. 

Written entirely from my point of view, all content on this blog is of my own and reflects my personal opinion(s) only.

If you wish to use anything please, let me know.  I do meteorology for the Royal Canadian Air Force and I am fascinated by wildlife, the planet and the atmosphere that surrounds us, I like hot chocolates and long walks on the beach. In "real" life you'll find me at the gym or curled up with a book and my camera at hand. You can bet your bottom dollar that's most of what I've been doing here too. 

I'm going to try and make my mundane long work days interesting and I can only hope that hoping along for the ride will be just as much of an interesting journey for you as it certainly is for me.

My name is Kristy, but you can call me KD; nice to meet you.

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