Winter Solstice

"December 21st is one of two days when the suns rays will strike one of the two tropical latitude lines. At precisely 12:30am (lcl) or 05:30 (utc) on the 22nd of December the winter solstice begins and we will have absolutely no light from the Sun in Alert. When the sun is 12° below the horizon, this means that the closest spot on Earth that's still bathed in direct sunlight is more than 800 miles away. All the light that you could see has struggled through 800 miles of air and around the curve of Earth's surface. It takes fully 1200 miles of air to fully extinguish the Sun's light and end astronomical twilight.

The Arctic gets just as many hours of sunlight as anywhere else on Earth — in fact, just a tad more. The reason the Arctic is cold is that the Sun never gets very high above the horizon, so its light always hits the ground at an oblique angle. The flip side is that the Sun also never gets very far below the horizon. Most of the time that the Sun's not up in the Arctic, it's skimming just below the horizon and yielding one or another flavour of twilight." (Sometimes invisible to the naked eye)

However, for today and the next few days there is no Astronomical Twilight effecting us here in Alert that means the best star viewing that I have ever seen. So awesome!


  1. Kristy that is so amazing looks like quite the experience your having up there..Thanks for sharing your journey..Angela

  2. I am jealous! I wish I could have been there for the "dark season"! Enjoy it, time flies so quickly, and soon you will be reading over your own journals and staring at pictures, wishing you could go back!
    By the way, just in case I miss the opportunity, Merry Christmas!
    Cheers, Richard

  3. Hey Babe, its great to see that kidish smile on your face. Think I got pictures of you in a snow cave larger than that one in our yard. Love the way you describe each day and remind us all about how little we all know about the north. Your research into each post is inspiring. Wish I was there with you to experience the personal inner growth that this journey will bring. Longing to see your pretty face each day so stop making me have to wait. Keep smiling and look after yourself. Nice to see your wearing your cap again. If you can post some more picture of the camp I would be very interested in seeing more. Love Dad

  4. you look so content I am starting wonder that if a taurus is a winter lover. The pics are so cool. Did you build the cave and the other thing, I forget what they are called? It is nearing xmas and I was a little sad because it is your first xmas away and I know I am just being selfish but you are such a big part my life. Love to you and wishing you well babe. Love your mom xoxoxoxoxox

  5. Wish I could go stargazing with you! That is one of my favourite things to do, and i bet your view is phenomenal!!

    LOVE your inukshuk too.. "Now the people will know we were here.." (do you remember that historica minute?)

  6. Super, cool inukshuk!!! Stargazing...my most favorite thing ever!

    Keep Smiling! Be safe!

  7. I'm glad I found your new blog! I had to go and read the previous posts and I just can't believe how brave you are! Your pics are so amazing...I hope your Christmas was good as I know you're not with family. But your blog family is here! So Merry Christmas Kristy!

  8. thanks for yet another enlightening post.
    J Chartier


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