Alert Christmas

This Christmas for me was very different and my first one away from home. I never realized until now, how much I take the time with my family for granted. Overall though, it was a fun few days. On Friday, for our Christmas Dinner, it is military tradition for the youngest member to become the CO for the day. Surprise (not surprised) that was me.

My first order of business was everyone could finish work at 10am so we could go to "nap PT". This was totally necessary for me because on Thursday I worked a 22 hour day... I really needed the nap. Christmas Eve we all sang carols and had some "cheer" and I went to sleep fairly early. As for Christmas, I watched 9 Christmas classics, ate a whole Tolberone, had 4 cups of hot chocolate which soon switched to rum and root beer and we finished the day off by watching Elf. Boxing day? I got peer pressured into a ball hockey tourney and am covered in bruises.

I want to thank everyone who wished me a Merry Christmas and who were thinking of me. It meant a lot to me to be able to read your cards, emails and open some packages - there are return cards / pressies waiting to be mailed out! I really appreciate and love you all.


  1. Kristy, I've been waiting for your next post and very happy that you made it through Christmas in a pleasant and cozy environment. The thoughts of family you are learning during this time away will make you a stronger advocate for the sanctity that needs to exists within families. We have to try harder each year to keep families close as we all search for our own identities and individuality. But remember the strengths of the one will never overcome the strengths of the many that a family gives you. You will become a member of many families as go throughout life and remember to hold each one as a precious gift because without you are alone and nobody really wants to be alone. Remember all the talks that your mother and I have or had with you all come from experiences and all we ever wanted for you is to live a good life and be happy with all the experiences that living will bring. Have a Big Life but Live Small. Merry Christmas and looking forward to reading your next post. Take care of yourself and be safe. I Love you, Dad

  2. It was nice to see you received some Christmas presents and mail, had I been thinking more clearly i would have sent some prior to your visit so you would have had some from us up there waiting for you when you arrived. Oh well, you will soon be getting a belated one from us. I hope you didn't get any more unwanted surprises. it is nice to hear your voice everyday it make us feel like your closer than you are. I am so glad you made it thru Christmas and all 3 of us here missed you dearly. I am so glad they are keeping you all busy, in all that will make the time go by much faster. It is late so I will say goodnight to you my beautiful, big hugs and loads of kisses to you. Love Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. You really need to talk to your union about those 22 hour days Kristy. Really sorry I missed you on Christmas but am glad you had a festive day. A whole Toblerone?
    Love Chris xo


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