halfway there

93 days spent freezing in the Arctic circle. 93 days spent in isolation. 93 days spent exploring. 93 days left.

I think being isolated up here really puts your life into perspective. You think of all the things each day you take for granted; driving to the store, seeing friends, being able to walk outside for more than a half hour without the painful reminder of how far North you really are. Without the proper equipment, there is no way you could survive. I think that's why I find Alert so fascinating, so few people get to truly experience what it's like to long for the light of day and to rely so heavily on infrastructure and each person around you, it's truly awe inspiring. We really are a family.

I read a great quote this morning: "men travel the world in search of what they need and return home to find it". I have found truth in these words now more than ever. I currently am closer to the capital of Russia  than to my home but, tomorrow marks the one week countdown until (hopefully) I will be able to go home for a 2 week break. I can't even contain my excitement and it presently is all I think about.

This past week and a bit was quite busy for me, preparing to give my handover for the member coming to fill in for me during my absence, cancelled planes, school work, bad weather (first blizzard was last Friday!) and simply just trying to contain myself as the countdown shrinks with each passing minute.

Things I can't wait for:

  • A dirty McDonalds supper
  • A dirty McDonalds breakfast
  • A haircut 
  • A hug from each member of my family
  • Being picked up from the airport
I hope you are having a great week so far ( I am despite the cancellations!)  and keep your fingers crossed for me that my planes come in on time, swiftly and safely. ♥



  1. I will never cease to be amazed by your BEAUTIFUL photographs. Absolutely incredible. Of course it is a sublime setting for photo taking but your skill at capturing it is wonderful.

    I am SO PLEASED to hear you will have a break and a chance to come home - I hope you enjoy it immensely! I've got a PEI themed gift box in the works to welcome you back to Alert post break!

  2. Hey kiddo! That rabbit shot is great! I wasn't able to get one without the darned thing hopping too quick to show up well! Enjoy the countdown anticipation, I am telling you, nothing feels like taking off from that airstrip! But don't be surprised when you return, because nothing feels quite like arriving back "home", to such a unique place! Enjoy the time off!

  3. I still can't get used to all of your photos being "bright". The blue colour of the ice is so vibrant.

    Have a safe and relaxing trip home, I'll put in a call to the weather gods for good flying weather.

    Love Chris

  4. I bet your family is as excited as you! Those pics are amazing. Ummm...how close was that wolf?? Never mind, I'll just think you used a zoom lens! Have a safe trip home and enjoy the time and I hope your weather is as nice as ours has been here in the States. Very warm for March! Very weird too!

  5. Great, blue + white photos.. Those animal shots especially, and you of course so cute over there. ^^
    I feel you, even though it might have been that cold as there, we Finnish folk have faced freezing -25 celcius this winter.

    - Indie by Heart

  6. Ooowh AGAIN such a beautiful pictures!!!
    Enjoy your time at home!
    ♥ Herma

  7. Hey sweety:

    We are so excited for you to get here. I sometimes try not to think about it too much because it seems like it just takes longer. The pictures are beautiful. I was also wonder about that wolf, it looks real close. Was he all along or is it more than one. Those iceburgs looks scarey, yet I can see why you would think they are beautiful too. Went tanning today just incase. Your dad and I have been checking out trips for you too hoping to get you a really good deal. Here is some big hugs and lots of kisses for you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Can't wait to cuddle in bed with you. Hopefully I won't be as tired as I have been. love you always Mom


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