Physically and emotionally this week I would describe as: Blue.

Those who know me personally will know how I attach myself to friends and people I spend my days with. Living in such a tightly knit community of just under 70 personnel, you're constantly in contact with everyone and I find you wind the people you "click" with very tightly around your heart. My heart is COVERED in strings and cords of all types and to be honest, I prefer it that way.

This week I had to say goodbye to some of my favourites. It always makes me sad so see such lovely and fun people leave the station but that's always the nature of the military isn't it? The beauty of it all though, is "goodbyes" really aren't "goodbyes" but merely a "see you soon". That's what I tell myself anyway so I don't get too upset...!

Other than my mushy intro, this week was quite busy. I worked quite a few long hours to bring in the CC177 that landed in Alert this week. It was a bit hectic as the flight plans kept changing, but over all I would say the week was a success. I started knitting a scarf, learned some new songs on guitar, got an extra day to spend with the departing friends and tonight is a PJ party with the station! Should be a very fun evening filled with laughs and making memories.

I hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoy the weekend. Remember to take the time to hug somebody you care about today and let them know what they mean to you. Those are the best kind of hugs and trust me, a hug goes a long way!

Happy weekend xo


  1. I'm sorry to hear it was a blue week - it is always difficult to say goodbye to good friends! I definitely had some similarly bittersweet feelings re: leaving Ottawa behind.

    P.S. I'll be sending a little something from PEI very soon!

  2. Sending a virtual hug your way.
    Love Chris

  3. I hate goodbyes! Have a good weekend yourself..it sounds like you are going to have fun..enjoy! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pics of your "home" and you!

  4. Kristy; as the light enters the north the dark and unsettling ways of the night will disappear. You will always have the new friends you have encountered during these dark days because you have seen the light and brightness that they can shine in the loneliness of the isolation. Keep remembering all the paths you cross in life will make a road map for yourself that will allow you to travel anywhere in the world and find friends. Keep your heart open for the new people who have arrived and remember how good it felt to be be-friended by the people who just left. Smile at the new people each week and welcome them all into your inner and outer beauty. Love you always and forever Dad. Kristy I'll soon need your advice as my other beauty is growing up too fast also. She too has the heart and soul of a angel like you and mom.

  5. Kristy, I stumbled across this blog while researching Alert for my senior thesis. I just wanted to say that these pictures are beautiful, your descriptions are poetry and your optimism is inspiring. We've never met but I hope these shades of blue dissipate for you with each passing hour and I look forward to seeing more of your amazing posts. Keep your chin up! - Jared

  6. Hi babes,
    I was a disappointed missing your call but I heard that you received a beautiful bouquet of roses. ?????? Who could they be from? Must be someone who has connections in high places. Hopefully you will get to find out. Sorry your week was a little sad but think like your father, you welcome the newcomers with that big smile and you will probably have another family in a few weeks. We are the count down with you and can't wait to see you. Pictures are lovely and keep them coming. Sending off a couple of boxes to you on Monday. Take care, we love and miss you very much and my pride is bursting for you. MOM xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxxoxo


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