TGSMIF: Thanking god SO much its Friday

This week was a killer, the plane was cancelled, there was no mail and some are stuck here for another weekend in Alert. It’s hard to believe the impact that this had on the morale of everyone. We’re even running out of yogurt. (First world problems, eh?)

Today is the Arctic day I prepared for, sustained 70km/h winds dropping the already chilly temperature to a cool -45 degrees. I don’t even want to go outside; unfortunately that is not an option. This week I worked 57 hours between Monday and Friday so that would explain my lack of posting. I’ve watched all the Shrek movies and am on round 20 of Finding Nemo. I only watch happy kid’s movies down here as I’m still quite jumpy and scared. It’s silly really – but it works!

I’m about ready to crash now, just thought I’d post quick to say “Hi, my names Kristy, I work a lot, I laugh more, I am still alive but I am going to sleep for the rest of the weekend. See you Monday!”



  1. Sorry to hear that things haven't been so good this week. I sent you a silly little email to hopefully tide you over until I can get your care package in the mail next week.

    Sending major love your way!

  2. It was nice to talk to you tonight and although you sounded exhausted at the beginning of telephone call you sounded more content at the end. It was nice to hear your voice and the songs were beautiful. You've got tell your sound people up there they need a better sound system. I hope you went out and played a little music for the drunks after we talked. You'd be just like madonna to them after they've had a few. When your shift is done just treat yourself to a warm bath and some deserved sleep. SLEEP is good. People who can't sleep really appreciate it when they can. So count your lucky stars you are a pro like your mother in that department. It is now 1230am so you should be done in 3 hours. i am going to try and stay up with you OK. I love you and you hopeful will get some mail to add some cheer in your week to follow. Love you and miss you so much.

    love Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. PS such a beautiful smile xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Kristy, I have to second the other post you definitely have a beautiful smile. I bet you are still # 1 up there, its going to be next to impossible to take that position away from you. Glad to read you are still getting along OK other than the lack of sleep and your pics are amazing as always. Keep up the good work and get some much deserved rest.

  5. Kristy, it was great to talk with you this weekend and to hear that you are maintaining the positive attitude that must be instilled into the daily life of surviving in restricted environments. As we discussed the constant internal thoughts of happiness will always make it simple to have a great day/night in your case. The ability to see that not all is negative but we have to filter/learn that some things are really pressures that people have loaded themselves up with and the delivery method which they express these may just come accross in the wrong direction. Your thoughts of identifying that morale is down is noteworthy and that you already have a simple plan to counter act this is well beyound your years. Well done!! I hope that all the conversations that we have had over the years is proving to have a positive affect on your daily view of people. But remember that not all can be saved from themselves. Keep the smiles and wonderful thoughts flowing forever. Love Dad

  6. Hi Kristy! I got tears in my eyes just reading the comments from your parents..you can tell they love and miss you tons. I hope your week is better and I won't complain about our little cold snaps around here anymore!


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