frost bitten

This is a corner of the Weather office. Looks so cozy doesn't it?

The neck warmer is 100% the best piece of kit going.

My cheeks before the frost bite. I now look like a raging alcoholic - blood red cheekies for me!

Road to the Weather Office and the air field.

A crimson flush blazed across my skin igniting a fiery sting that has lasted for hours.

So cold, the wind smoldered across my face leaving hot but icy patches that looked like raised welts. It is now day three in the -38 degree weather and my cheeks finally had enough. The frost bite and wind burn took their toll on my snow white complexion, leaving me sore and few shades of rouge. Not a look I am keen to try out again- I might add.

It wasn't just my face that suffered either, my tripod is made of an aluminium composite and not even thinking twice, I grabbed it with my bare hand. Had I not known it was cold I would have sworn I touched the red hot coals of a stove. It is so bizarre.

I'm not sure I'll ever get used to this.

Just to answer a few questions / statements from previous comments:

Jay - I have many face masks but you have to take them down to be able to see sometimes, I will be doing this less often now. I also have a truck, no tank with tracks for this gal!
Becca - I will accept anything you wish to mail me and I of course will be eager to write and send you a little something back!
Matt - I actually don't have any of those hand warmers! But great idea!
Mom & Dad - Thank you for your lovely comments and a hello to my mothers Science and Social Studies class who are also following along each day "Hi 6M!" 
Everyone else - thank you for the feedback! x


  1. Yikes! Poor girl!
    Does something like this look better than what you have? (Windstopper fleece)

    Say the word and I'll mail you one tomorrow.


  2. Ouch! Keep those gloves on missy!

  3. Your poor little face! I hope it feels better asap. And I am glad to send some stuff along - I will put together a little surprise box for you!

  4. You'll never get used to the cold as I really don't think our bodies are designed for the extreme climate of the north. We have the brain power and the skills to design/build things that allow us to tackle this enviroment but without these our fragile little bodies couldn't survive. The pictures are quite impressive and your use of the camera to show us things that the naked eye cannot view enhances the nothern beauty. Your excellent written descriptions of your feelings and the surroundings further enhances the experience's for yourself and for us who follow. I really look forward to seeing your blog each and every day because it keeps me connected to one of my three beautiful girls. Keep your spirits high and remember that this is an experience that so few humans will ever get a chance to experience. Keep looking for the beauty in everything and appreciate its message. Love Dad

  5. Diddo: You are such a talented writer and I hope to be sitting up in a warm bed reading a novel written by my very own daughter, no pressure intended. You have your goals set, we are so very proud of you. take love you mom. xoxoxoxoxoxox


Any and all words, options, well-wishes, ill-wishes, love, hate accepted. Any feedback is appreciated :)